Connect and Advocate

Know anyone who participates in SNAP?  Uses sidewalks or the Swamp Rabbit Trail?  Attends a summer camp?  Register to participate and learn ways to advocate for healthy eating and active living (HEAL) on a local and state level.  Many of LiveWell's coalition partners implement, utilize, and/or connect multiple services that increase access to healthy eating and active living for Greenville residents of ALL ages.  

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LiveWell At Worship Quarterly Workshop: Busting the Vaping Myth

Vaping is a growing issue across our country and is prevalent in our own Greenville community. Register today and join us on Saturday, May 18th at University Center (225 S. Pleasantburg Dr.). This event is tailored for health ministers, youth leaders, parents, teachers, and middle to high school aged youth.

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Mindfulness in the Classroom and Beyond

There are less than 5 weeks left in the 2018/2019 school year.  Register today for a training on Tuesday, May 14th at University Center of Greenville (225 S Pleasantburg Dr.) Amy Starkey with Yoga 2 Go  will lead teachers, afterschool providers, counselors, parents and any other individuals working with school-aged children (specifically 5-11 years old) in learning strategies for effective self regulation.

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Work it Out during the Workday

Physical activity during the workday can be a reality!Register today for a networking on March 21st at 11am, the LiveWell At Work workgroup is excited to present a forum focused on the Physical Activity dimension of Working Well’s Strategy for Wellbeing Web Platform. Participants can expect to learn how they can efficiently build physical activity into their organization’s workday and achieve their wellness goals!

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LiveWell Annual Meeting 2019

Register today and join your fellow 200 coalition members and learn about our collective progress on making Greenville one of the healthiest counties in our country. On Friday, April 5th, we will provide updates from the 2018 Annual Meeting and share our goals for 2019. Similar to last year's meeting, we will provide break out sessions for attendees to learn more about specific initiatives

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LiveWell Where You Pray

Places of worship are another place where we can make healthy choices. Physical and spiritual health go hand in hand. Register today for a FREE Quarterly Networking on Saturday, February 16th from 9:30-12noon and join Clarence Parker, CEO and Founder of Health and Fitness Alliance will share ways to make physical activity part of your lifestyle- at home and at your place of worship. This Networking is a

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2018: Year at a Glance

As the year comes to an end, we reflect on the accomplishments of LiveWell partners in making Greenville a healthy place to live, learn, work, play and pray. LiveWell's role in the community is to connect, convene, support, facilitate and evaluate cross sector collaborations working to increase access to healthy eating and active living.

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Park Hop

Physical activity plays an important role in the reduction and prevention of obesity in youth, but only one in three children are physically active on a daily basis. Since public parks and trails offer diverse opportunities for physical activity and are generally free or very low-cost, they have great potential to positively impact physical activity

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LiveWell Recognizes 25 Out of School Time Programs

LiveWell Greenville is proud to recognize the following twenty five Out of School Time providers, who have participated in LiveWell Greenville’s Healthy Out of School Time initiative in collaboration with Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Out of School Time Assessment...

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