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LiveWell Greenville relies on the continued financial support of Greenville County residents and leaders to ensure its long-term sustainability. 

We welcome and encourage business owners, families, and individuals who are passionate about healthy eating and active living to join the movement by becoming LiveWell Champions. 

Meet Our Champions

  • Individual Donors

    Allen & Bettye Chaplin
    Brad & Jennifer McKay
    Brady Godfrey
    Brian Vest
    Catherine Puckett
    Catriona Carlisle Christine & Corey Veloz Diane Smock
    Don Shuller
    Eleanor Dunlap
    Elizabeth Suarez
    Erica McCleskey
    Gina Blohm
    Hunter Weekes
    India Underwood
    Jennifer Almy
    Jeremy Watts
    Karen Kemper
    Katherine Kransteuber
    Kathleen and Tom Johnson
    Katie & Rob Howell
    Kristina Harris
    Leslie Hayes
    Lillie Hall
    Margaret Stephens
    Mary Hipp
    Matina Kazameas
    Matt & Katy Smith
    Melissa Fair
    Mike Teachey
    Morgan Hughey
    Nicole Wood
    Norma Jean Suarez
    Rita Barker
    Rob Cain
    Sabrina Smith
    Sally Bissada
    Sally Foister
    Sally & Andrew Wills
    Sasha Patton
    Shannon Owen
    Susan McLarty
    Susan Shuller Frantz
    Ted Lambrecht
    Tish McCutchen
    Vanessa Rodriguez
    William & Katherine Manning
    Zack King

  • Corporate Sponsors

    Bon Secours St. Francis
    Greenville County
    Molina Health Care
    Pelham Medical Center
    Prisma Health System
    YMCA of Greenville

Greenville is on a lot of top ten lists for being a great place to live. We want it to be a great place for everyone to live.”

Tish McCutchen, Jolley Foundation