Food Security Coalition


The mission of the Greenville County Food Security Coalition is to build connections among Greenville County community members and food system partners to foster creative solutions to ensure equitable access to sufficient, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, as well as to advocate for a community driven food system that improves the quality of life for all people.


We envision a Greenville County where all community members have equitable access to healthy foods, comprehensive community infrastructure to support those in need and a support system that enables individuals to move towards permanent food security.


Equity and Inclusion: We are mindful of cultivating inclusive spaces that support and celebrate the diverse cultural needs and lived experiences of our community’s members. We seek to create environments that reflect the full spectrum of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity and orientation, ability, economic status, immigration status and religion. We embrace the rich tapestry of knowledge and experience present in our community and will prioritize the voices of those who are most impacted by food system injustice, in the design and implementation of the work.

Dignity: We believe everyone has the right to nourishing food at all times and deserve to be treated with honor and respect during times of adversity..

Transparency: We maintain open communication so that all partners have equal access to information about opportunities, community resources and the strategic direction of the coalition.

Collaboration: We recognize each other’s diverse strengths, support one another and work together towards our common goal.

Action: We use a community action plan to catalyze action with a willingness to adapt based on community feedback or changing conditions in our community.

Resources & Information

Greenville County Food Insecurity Index: This tool was created to support Food Security Coalition partners in taking a more systematic approach to fighting hunger in Greenville County.

NonProfit Alliance Community Exchange: This resource sharing forum was established for all things nonprofit-related in Greenville County. We have created a board dedicated to sharing food security resources. Use the space for sharing needs and resources such as food surplus, volunteer needs, funding opportunities and more!

Greenville County Emergency Food Resource Guide: This guide was organized to locate food assistance resources throughout Greenville County.

Greenville County IMAP: This tool allows an interactive, visual look at essential services available throughout Greenville County including but not limited to food system and transportation layers.

2020 Greenville County Food System Assessment: This assessment takes a look at Greenville County’s local food system and identification of gaps and opportunities in five key areas: 1) growing food; 2) processing and distributing food; 3) selling food; 4) accessing food; and 5) handling food waste.

CARES Impact Infographic: In 2020, LiveWell Greenville convened Food Security Coalition Partners to collectively advocate for $1.2 million in County CARES Funding for increased emergency food system infrastructure and supplies to support increased need in the wake of the pandemic. This infographic illustrates the impact.

Backpack Food Program Starter Kit: LiveWell Greenville is working to connect community partners with schools who have expressed a need for a backpack program or school food pantry. A Backpack Food Program provides a bag of nonperishable food for children to take home and eat when school meal programs are unavailable. For more information, check out our Backpack Food Program Starter Kit. To get involved in the efforts to support GCS students experiencing food insecurity, contact Susan Frantz ( who will connect you with schools in need.

Get Involved

Join a workgroup: Work groups exist as a way to build community participation and take action on the goals and priorities of the Greenville County Food Security Coalition.  Anyone who lives or works in Greenville County can join a workgroup at any time. Email to join a workgroup or learn more.

Current workgroups:

  • Emergency Food System
  • Food Equity and Access

Current boards:

  • Steering Committee
  • Food Equity Action Board

Attend Partner Meetings: Bi-monthly partner meetings are an opportunity for coalition partners to share updates, report progress and stay connected.  Email Susan Frantz to be added to email invitations.

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