Advancing equitable access to healthy eating and active living for every Greenville County resident.

How we Organize the work

Our work is organized into three main coalitions and then into action circles, which are smaller workgroups. LiveWell staff direct each coalition and organize the collaboration between partners and community members for each action circle. These actions circles and their members are best able to define and address the particular needs of the community in specific populations or settings.

How we Do the work

LiveWell includes individuals impacted by structural inequities in the process of change. We recognize that those closest to the problems of food insecurity and unsupportive built environments (neighborhoods with limited transportation, high crime, poor walkability, etc.) are best suited to develop solutions to these issues. We provide opportunities for these individuals to join our work, and then we center their voices when developing action plans.

LiveWell operates under the fundamental belief that all community members deserve access to healthy foods needed to thrive and to safe, convenient places to be physically active. Unfortunately, across Greenville County, many of our neighbors are impacted by food insecurity, inadequate housing, poor neighborhood infrastructure, and poverty; all of which contribute to systemic health inequities. LiveWell engages and organizes community members and partners to uproot the systems that have segregated communities—both racially and economically—from accessing healthy, culturally appropriate foods and physical activity opportunities.

LiveWell understands that systemic healthy inequities are too large for any one organization to tackle on its own. Since 2011, LiveWell has brought together and harnessed the power of numerous nonprofit organizations, government entities, faith partners, businesses, and community members to shape policies and environments across the county. This multi-sector approach ensures that all partners are working in concert towards common goals and that our collective impact efforts continue to create lasting change.

Our mission

We champion healthy eating and active living by convening community members and partners to impact policies, systems and environmental changes.

Our Vision

A Greenville County where every resident has equitable access to healthy eating and active living.