Mindfulness in the Classroom and Beyond

There are less than 5 weeks left in the 2018/2019 school year.  On Tuesday, May 14th at University Center of Greenville (225 S Pleasantburg Dr.) Amy Starkey with Yoga 2 Go  will lead teachers, afterschool providers, counselors, parents and any other individuals working with school-aged children (specifically 5-11 years old) in learning the following:

  • effects of stress on learning and the brain
  • yoga poses
  • games and sensory-based strategies

All of which can be easily implemented in settings regardless of time and space limitations! These strategies will give students effective self-regulation tools they can use right at their desk, throughout the school day, and beyond.

At the completion of this in-service, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify sensory and behavioral issues that may be negatively impacting a student’s ability to learn
  2. Identify easy to implement classroom sensory strategies to assist educators with common concerns
  3. Identify the science behind yogic techniques and how they positively affect the nervous system for improved self-regulation
  4. Utilize a variety of yoga breathes, poses, movement games and other sensory-based strategies to encourage optimal learning and behavior in their students throughout the school day
  5. Create their own sample classroom yoga routine, consisting of yoga breaths, poses, sensory movement games, and relaxation methods to assist in meeting the needs of their students

For more information, contact Matina Kazameas