Out of School Time Success Stories

Our Out of School Time Workgroup Sites have seen success with the implementation of health and wellness programs. With the help of LiveWell Greenville, these sites are making “the healthy choice the easy choice” in our city of Greenville, SC!

Resurrected Treasure Ministries, Inc provided food during their spring break to help fight obesity. They now give children water in place of sodas and use the vendor Fishes & Loaves to provide children with all five food groups as much as possible.

Brutontown Community Center makes “the healthy way the easy way” by offering salads at all of their after school programs and helping students make goals to be more active.

Mount Pleasant Community Center encourages children to drink water after exercising. They also play games with children involving healthy foods and snacks.

For after school 2017-18, Neighborhood Focus transitioned from a food partner to providing healthy snacks themselves. This transition was easy, well-received, and eliminated “junky” foods given to kids.

YMCA Judson Community Center had the best “summer meal experience yet” during their Summer Camp last year. They provided campers well-balanced and enjoyable meals for breakfast and lunch. Parents appreciated the idea of a one-stop-shop and said it was the best part of the Summer Camp program!

With the introduction of their healthy living program, David Hellams Community Center inspired staff members to overcome health and wellness struggles. Now, staffers are making better food choices and have more energy to play with their children.

Nicholtown Community Center kept participants interested in trying new, healthier foods by allowing them to cook foods themselves. Their Junior League program was even featured in the Annual Junior League Magazine!

Stauton Bridge completely changed the foods they offer. One child approached a staff member saying, “The other snacks made me feel sluggish but these new snacks make me feel strong.” Children also loved their new mantra: “That’s a Go Food, That’s a Whoa Food, That’s a Slow Food!”

Juanita Butler Center encourages children to take small bites of healthy foods to see if they like it — most of the children love the food after their first taste. Now, the children ask for seconds and want recipes to share with their mothers and grandmothers.

George I Theison YMCA keeps their kids active through healthy, impactful activities. Some of their healthy activities include 30 minutes of active games, nutrition lessons, and crafts. Staffers note that keeping the children engaged has improved the behavior and overall atmosphere of their program. The children are eager to see what the next activity offered will be!

Thank you to all of our Out of School Time Workgroup Sites for helping make the healthy choice the easy choice in Greenville. Find out more about Out of School Time here.