Community Health Summit

We are excited about GHS’ upcoming Community Health Summit. Join the Community In Unity for Health Equity addressing diabetes and mental health (depression, suicide, chronic stress and substance abuse among adults and adolescents). In addition, the focus on youth pursuing careers in health care and medicine is critical to address the projected workforce shortages in SC.… Read more

Physicians As Liaisons in Schools (PALS)

Schools in Greenville County need your help by serving on a School Wellness Committee in a new initiative in Greenville known as Physicians as Liaisons in Schools, PALS. PALS seeks to support a culture of school health matching a physician with a local school that is actively working to create a healthy environment for students and staff.… Read more

LiveWell Greenville at the Doctor Pediatrician Toolkit

The LiveWell at the Doctor Pediatrician Toolkit is a collection of resources to assist doctors in addressing lifestyle changes to decrease obesity and other diseases in the children they see. Below are the resources in the LiveWell Greenville Health Care Provider Toolkit for children. … Read more