LiveWell Recognizes 8 Early Childhood Centers

LiveWell Greenville is proud to recognize the following eight early childhood providers, who have participated in a two- year pilot with the Go NAP SACC program, for their efforts in providing heathy eating and active living opportunities for the children they serve!… Read more

Celebration of Early Childhood Centers

LiveWell Greenville has recently completed a 2 year pilot project with Early Childhood providers to create a culture of health for Greenville’s youngest citizens by implementing policy, systems, and environmental changes in early childhood childcare centers. The eight EC centers below have documented 34 policy, systems, or environmental changes and are continuing to work with LWG partners to find creative ways to infuse healthy eating and active living into preschoolers’ days: o A Child’s Haven o Aldersgate Child Development Center o Buncombe St.… Read more

Parents for Healthy Kids Funding Opportunity

Despite wanting to do what’s best for students’ health, many schools lack the necessary resources to implement health and wellness practices that help students eat better and stay physically active. School Grants for Healthy Kids can help your school achieve its goal to make every kid healthy, active and ready to learn.… Read more

LiveWell Greenville Hosts Early Childhood Conference!

On Saturday, February 10th, 99 early childhood teachers attended a conference to learn from national and local experts on research-based best practices on how to implement nutrition and physical activity into classroom curriculum.  Attendees were active at the conference, hopping out of their seats to move around in a fun, practical way. … Read more

LiveWell Greenville’s Early Childhood Initiative

Over the past five years, LiveWell Greenville has partnered with many local agencies to create healthy environments for out of school time providers. The providers involved in this partnership with LiveWell Greenville have benefited from the coalition’s technical assistance and resources to support their students in learning about and engaging in more physical activity and providing healthier foods.… Read more