USDA School Standards – We Need YOUR Help!

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As of late November, the USDA has announced plans to weaken school nutrition standards aimed at reducing sodium and increasing whole grains. Numerous schools have made incredible progress on these areas while serving nutritious meals students enjoy. As a supporter of these positive changes, I wanted to let you know of a way to share success and have your voice heard on this matter!

Your voice matters – share your commitment to healthy school meals with the USDA!

You have the opportunity to share your thoughts directly with the USDA. Now through January 29, you can share your thoughts with the USDA during the “public comment period.” This period allows citizens and champions from across the country—just like you—to provide feedback about the proposed rule directly to the USDA. And guess what? They read and review every comment submitted! If you know of a specific school and/or district that has embraced these changes, please note that in your communication and share this opportunity with them.

Attached to this post you will find a template “public comment” that you can customize, if you wish, to share your own school success stories and insights. Here’s how:

  1. If desired, review the proposed USDA School Meal Flexibility Rule here.
  2. Review the template public comment (attached).
  3. Customize the template public comment to reflect the success you’ve seen in your schools as it relates to the existing school nutrition standards.
  4. All comments are due by January 29, 2018. Upload and submit your comments here on the USDA’s website.
  5. Good job! Now, spread the word among your network!

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We learned how to serve school meals low in salt, rich in whole grains, AND high in flavor! Join us in supporting healthier meals for students nationwide:

USDA SMFR Model Comment