Take the #summerswap challenge and fuel your physical activity with healthy eating.   The goal of #SummerSwap, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home is to give families ideas, resources and tips on how to stay physically active, eat well and stay healthy all summer long! Simply swap family movie night, explore Greenville area through the Park Hop program. Park Hop is a FREE summer long scavenger hunt encouraging children and families to discover featured parks around Greenville County.  This scavenger hunt encourages children, families, and groups to discover featured parks throughout the summer while searching for answers to clues within each park. All children who participate in this fun experience are eligible for a variety of prizes.  Register today for children to earn prizes based on number of parks explored and scavenger hunt questions answered.

Summer is a great time to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Take the #summerswap challenge with breakfast foods!  Follow the link for five ideas.  Additional quick ideas to swap are popsicles with fruit rockets and donuts for fruit donuts.
Summer time makes it easy to establish healthy eating habits with all the fresh fruit and veggies!
A special thanks to our Park Hop Partners:
Alliance Champions Training Center & Parisi Speed School
City of Greenville Parks & Recreation
Greenville County Parks & Recreation
Greenville CAN
Greenville Swamp Rabbits
Greer Parks & Recreation
Kidding Around Greenville
LiveWell Greenville
Mauldin Parks & Recreation
Molina Health Care
Once Upon a Dream
Simpsonville Parks & Recreation