Hurricane Irma – How You Can Help the Upstate

Hurricane Irma brought in a good amount of water and wind to the Upstate this weekend. This means a lot of litter in our rivers and many disturbed or down trees. There are many ways to help, and here are a few options directly affecting local rivers and trees coming up next week.… Read more

Amazon Business – The Healthier Generation Store

LiveWell Greenville’s partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been an exciting one. Partnering with them and including the National Afterschool Association (NAA) Standards for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity, makes choosing healthier options for after school sites that much easier.… Read more

Best Practices in Incentive Design

Best Practices in Incentive Design: Considering Human Behavior webinar Thursday, August 24 at 2:30 p.m. Have you been thinking about offering incentives for your wellness initiatives or changing your current incentive structure? This webinar will help you to understand the psychology and science behind incentive design and what types of incentives are most effective at producing financial and health outcomes.… Read more

Leadership for Sustaining a Healthy Workplace

LiveWell Greenville at Work is pleased to welcome Jennifer Chacon, LiveWell at Work member and CEO of Dare to Thrive, for our next Healthy Workplace Forum: Leadership for Sustaining a Healthy Workplace.  Ms. Chacon will discuss the seven levels of leadership and how they impact a workplace’s culture.… Read more

Race 13.1 in Greenville: Save 10% by using LIVEWELL131

LiveWell Greenville Becomes Official Charity Partner of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Race 13.1 Greenville Half Marathon, 10k and 5k The inaugural BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Race 13.1 Greenville half marathon, 10k and 5k event on September 9, 2017 is proud to announce LiveWell Greenville as the Official Charity Partner for the event!… Read more

LiveWell Greenville’s Early Childhood Initiative

Over the past five years, LiveWell Greenville has partnered with many local agencies to create healthy environments for out of school time providers. The providers involved in this partnership with LiveWell Greenville have benefited from the coalition’s technical assistance and resources to support their students in learning about and engaging in more physical activity and providing healthier foods.… Read more

Healthy Hydration & Water Conservation: 3 Activities

Healthy Hydration & Water Conservation: 3 Activities The promotion of drinking water through school and out-of-school time wellness policies is a wonderful opportunity to educate students on the importance of local watersheds, water conservation and environmental stewardship. An ecological twist might be just the thing that speaks to the passion of a new partner or stakeholder.… Read more

Getting Started with Workplace Wellness

LiveWell at Work has many resources for companies looking to start a workplace wellness initiative. The LiveWell at Work Getting Started Guide offers tips and steps for getting an effort off the ground. The At Work Toolkit takes those steps further, leading organizations through best practices in workplace wellness.… Read more

Greenville County Growing a Culture of Health

Greenville County’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management is working with local community members to increase access to healthy foods one garden plot at a time.  Community members, with limited access to land or ideal growing conditions, now have the opportunity to plant a garden at one of two local parks: at the Pavillion Recreation Complex and East Riverside Park.… Read more

Creating a Mindfulness Culture in the Workplace

  LiveWell at Work for this summer’s Healthy Workplace Forum, “Creating a Mindfulness Culture in the Workplace” was facilitated by Kaitlin Blanco-Silva from Palmetto Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Kaitlin provided an overview of how mindfulness can decrease stress and improve employee wellbeing; organizational strategies to promote emotional and mental wellbeing among employees including the following; and practical tips to incorporate mindfulness throughout a workplace, including: Policies and practices to promote work-life balance Providing a dedicated quiet space Providing access to counseling Providing social events throughout the year Integration of mental health / EAP services with employee wellness A huge thank you to AlignLife for sponsoring LiveWell at Work; Pelham Medical Center for hosting us; Babaziki’s for the delicious and healthy lunch; Kaitlin Blanco-Silva and Palmetto EAP for a great presentation and our dedicated workgroup members!  … Read more