LiveWell’s Food Security Coalition completes their Food System Assessment

LiveWell’s Food Security Coalition completes their 2020 Greenville Food System Assessment to help inform the community food access and security needs. To view and download the full assessment, click here.

The Impact of COVID-19 on our local food system can be found onĀ  page 36. The underlining finding is that collaboration across food system partners is more important now than ever before. The Food Security Coalition was able to work together to coordinate an efficient emergency food response for our community impacted by COVID. For more Emergency Food Resources, check out this Google Sheet resource that is in both English and Spanish, of all the local food pantry, produce boxes and meals available to the community.

The report highlights the following five recommendations:

1. advocate for implementation of the 2019 Greenville County Comprehensive Plan.

2. Invest in local processing and distribution infrastructure.

3. Connect farmers to new markets and continue to grow demand for local food.

4. Employ a cross-sector approach to improving healthy food access.

5. Establish a local food policy council to coordinate food system work.

To read more about these recommendations, head to page 38.