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LiveWell Greenville continues to evolve by taking actions that elevate our strategic focus to advance community collaboration, advocate for health equity, and amplify community power. As we celebrate another year, and our tenth anniversary, we reflect on all the collective work that our coalition has accomplished.

In The News

CARES Impact Infographic- Greenville County and LiveWell Greenville team up to fight hunger

LiveWell Greenville and Greenville County team up to fight hunger by distributing 1.2 Million funds in food, infrastructure and more!

LiveWell Greenville teams up with Greenville County Schools to coordinate Backpack Food Program Efforts

In Greenville County and it is now estimated that food insecurity affects almost one in five children. Local backpack food programs are one way to provide needed food to children who would otherwise not have adequate access to food during the weekends or school breaks. A backpack food program requires the cooperation and support of the entire community.

A New Strategic Direction for 2021 and Beyond

Between 2019-2020, we engaged 20 influential leaders, representing efforts across the many social determinants of health, to explore a broader, bolder strategic plan in collaboration with Tufts University and Boston College.

This process explored the systems in place that impact childhood obesity; considered evidence-based interventions and prioritized the opportunities for change to create a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.

Why LiveWell Greenville

Greenville County has one of the highest obesity rates in the nation with 66% of adults and 41% of youth being overweight or obese. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when the surrounding environment does not promote healthy habits. Without providing adequate access to healthy eating and active living, the overall health of our community will continue to decline.

LiveWell Greenville has become the primary vehicle through which partner organizations can successfully promote positive change. Our coalition supports schools, neighborhoods, businesses and other areas of our community through resources, collaboration and evaluation to promote healthy eating and active living.

LiveWell’s Roles


What does LiveWell Greenville offer?

LiveWell Greenville promotes healthy eating and active living through five roles: support, facilitate, evaluate, convene and connect.