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    LiveWell Greenville


Making the healthy choice the easy choice

Creating a Culture of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Please join LiveWell at Work on Tuesday, June 27 as Kaitlin Blanco-Silvas shares how mindfulness can reduce employee stress and contribute to a culture of health at work. Register here or read more.

Why LiveWell Greenville

Greenville County has one of the highest obesity rates in the nation with 66% of adults and 41% of youth being overweight or obese.  It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when the surrounding environment does not promote healthy habits.  Without providing adequate access to healthy eating and active living, the overall health of our community will continue to decline.

LiveWell Greenville has become the primary vehicle through which partner organizations can successfully promote positive change.  Our coalition supports schools, neighborhoods, businesses and other areas of our community through resources, collaboration and evaluation to promote healthy eating and active living.

Areas of Support


What does LiveWell Greenville offer?

LiveWell Greenville promotes healthy eating and active living through three areas of community support: resources, collaboration and evaluation.


  • Toolkits
  • Healthy Eating Guides
  • Healthy Living Map
  • Networking & Roundtables
  • Training & Workshops
  • Technical Support & Materials
  • Collaboration

  • Facilitation Workgroups
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Healthy Menu Options
  • Physical Activity Initiatives
  • Health & Wellness Events
  • Leveraging Financial Support
  • Evaluation

  • Healthy Award Winners
  • Healthy Award Applications
  • Access to Healthy Foods
  • Access to Physical Activity
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Youth Health Index
  • In the News

    Healthy Hydration & Water Conservation: 3 Activities

    Healthy Hydration & Water Conservation: 3 Activities

    posted on Fri, May 19 2017 8:00 am by Daniel W. Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships

    The promotion of drinking water through school and out-of-school time wellness policies is a wonderful opportunity to educate students on the importance of local watersheds, water conservation and environmental stewardship.