Bridging access to healthy eating and active living.


Community power

centering community perspectives & solutions

We know that those who are closest to the problem are best equipped to develop solutions, so we create space where their voices can be heard. We connect, convene, support and facilitate in response to what our community sees as priorities in making healthy living accessible and sustainable.

Advocating For Health

Equitable access for every zip code in Greenville County

We advocate for structural changes that ensure long-term equitable access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities. Our work aims to build trusting and inclusive spaces where communities not only have access to health-promoting resources, but feel comfortable utilizing them. We envision a Greenville County where every zip code has comprehensive community infrastructure and support systems that allow individuals to move towards permanent food security, health and wellbeing.



Community Collaboration

building long-lasting relationships across greenville County

We facilitate the collaboration of multiple sectors, partners and organizations to share expertise, perspectives and resources that promote healthy eating and active living. Convening cross-sector coalitions and workgroups, we build long-lasting relationships that work together to address health disparities and bridge access to community resources.

Latest News

HEAL Board Officially Launches Work In White Horse Road Area

The 13 selected members of the Health Equity Action Leadership Board make up a diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual group that will be meeting for the first time at Greenville Multicultural Church this evening. Meetings will continue 1-2 times a month thru May 2023 to develop policy recommendations to increase health equity in the White Horse Road Area.

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We champion Health

Healthy communities

30 churches participated in the LiveWell At Worship initiative implementing healthy changes at their locations and helping their neighbors by providing emergency resources.

Access to Healthy Meals

$39,159 was secured to support weekend food backpack programs. 7,733 backpacks were given out during the 2021-2022 school year.

Bridging Access

In 2022, our 200+ partners collectively implemented 120 policies, systems and environmental changes impacting 39,723+ individuals in Greenville County.

Taking Action for Food Equity

235 families were assisted by Prisma Health's Pediatric Food and Housing Resource Navigator.

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