Photos that HEAL

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Livewell Greenville has continued on the Photos that HEAL project.  With this project, pictures and captions demonstrate Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) opportunities.  On Saturday February 17th, LiveWell Greenville hosted a  brunch which focused on the impact of healthy foods and physical activity  in four churches within Greenville.  Ten women participated in this project from the following churches: Allen Temple AME, Long Branch Baptist Church, Shady Grove Baptist Church, and Springfield Baptist Church.  The following are the women who participated: Rose Blackmon, Jervelle Fort, Louise Finley, Edna Hugh, Barbara B. Jones, Janett B. Patterson, Mamie Reid, Marilyn Wells, Jean B. Williams, and Helena-Nadine Williams.

Louise Finley, a HEAL participant and member of Long Branch Baptist Church, took part in the HEAL project to help others.  She says, “It’s a journey. It’s not easy to lose weight.  But to do it one pound at a time is basically how I did it.”

Through sharing her personal health journey, Miss Finley was able to brainstorm with different people on implementing approachable ways to losing weight, like meal preparation.

When we work to actively HEAL our bodies, we are provided with tremendous transformational opportunities in our lives.  We are grateful to our Greenville community for helping to spread this impactful message.

We would like to thank Dr. Lynette Gibson, Dr. Toshua Kennedy both from University of South Carolina Upstate and Ms. Tatiana Green RN from Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

We are ALL LiveWell Greenville.

Pictured in the top photo, from left to right, are Dr. Lynette Gibson, Principle Investigator and Dr. Toshua Kennedy, Co-Investigator.

Pictured in the bottom photo, from left to right, are Dr. Toshua Kennedy, Jervelle Fort, Barbara Jones, Jean Williams, Louise Finley, Helena-Nadine Williams, Edna Hugh, Mamie Reid, Janett Patterson, and Dr. Lynette Gibson.