Park Hop Summer Scavenger Hunt


Park Hop is a free, summer-long scavenger hunt in parks across Greenville County. This scavenger hunt encourages children and families to discover featured parks throughout the summer while searching for answers to clues within each park. Participants earn prizes like a LiveWell Greenville swag bag, water park passes, Greenville Drive tickets, and a Park Hop t-shirt by visiting parks!

Park Spotlights

-June 22, Sunset Park (211 Fowler Cir, Greenville, SC 29607)
-July 6, Holmes Park (Twin Lake Rd, Greenville, SC 29609)
-July 20, Northside Park (101 West Darby Rd, Greenville, SC 29609)
-July 27, Kids Planet (3605 Brushy Creek Rd, Greer, SC 29650)

Last summer, we didn’t let the threat of rain stop us from having our closing Park Hop Celebration! Over 500 people came out for a fun afternoon in the park. We played games with Mobi-Rec, danced with Reedy, visited Princess Ariel, and picked up some awesome prizes for participating in Park Hop! This year, the Park Hop Closing Celebration will be on August 9th from 4-7pm at Legacy Park (336 Rocky Slope Rd, Greenville, SC 29607).

  • As you explore the parks and enjoy the outdoors post your pictures with #ParkHopFever.
  • Encourage your kids to get creative in posting your pictures.
  • We may use your photo on our social media pages. Please let us know if that is not okay.

Scavenger Hunt

Hey! We are launching Park Hop year round starting mid-September. Check it out over here!


The mobile version of the Park Hop scavenger hunt is housed under the iOnGreenville mobile app. Once you have downloaded the mobile app, you will be prompted to register for the scavenger hunt.

Apple (iPhone) users, download the FREE iOnGreenville app here.
Android users, download the FREE iOnGreenville app here.

On May 19th, the Park Hop locations and clues will be opened. Click on the ‘Clues’ button in the app to discover the list of parks in the scavenger hunt this year. Use the ‘get directions’ button if you need directions to each park.

Clues unlock when you are at the park location. You will receive a confirmation before you submit each answer. When your answers are submitted you will see a green check mark appear.

Share your Park Hop adventures!
Tag us with #ParkHopFever.


We encourage all of our Park Hop participants to share their photos via the app. Look for the Photo Booth button under the Park Hop mini-app. Once there, sharing your photo is easy:

1) Take Your Photo. A different filter will be applied at each park location!

2) Enter Your Email Address into the form.

3) Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your other social networks using the hashtag #ParkHopFever


Would you rather use paper and pencil? We have you covered! Download the English version here or the Spanish version here.


Write out the answers to the clues as you visit the parks. Submit your answers by July 31, 2018. For the printable passport, you can submit your answers in two ways:

  1. Mail to 325 W. McBee Ave. Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29601
  2. Scan your passport (or take a picture) and send to Please make sure children’s names and ages are clear or include in your email.


Click below to download previous Park Hop passports if you are looking to repeat the adventure or would like some additional parks to visit.

Please be mindful that some clues were specific to that summer and no prizes will be given away for completing previous Park Hop passports.

Park Hop Passport 2013
Park Hop Passport 2014
Park Hop Passport 2015
Park Hop Passport 2016

We have a new creation this year that’s great for rainy days or a break from the sun when visiting the parks. Download and print the Park Hop Coloring Sheet!!


Park Hop Adventures combine clues from 2017 Park Hop with nature exploration. These adventures were created with groups in mind but anyone is welcome to download the PDFs and enjoy the activities.

To print choose double sided and flip on short end. This is a colorful brochure so feel free to print in black and white.

Please note: answers to the clues must be completed on the Park Hop Passport or through the iOnGreenville app to be counted toward prizes.

Park Hop Adventure #1

Greer City Park Amenities
Green space, picnic shelters, restrooms.

Kids Planet at Century Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, baseball and softball fields.

Park Hop Adventure #2

Gower Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts, disc golf, trails, horseshoe pit.

Legacy Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, walking path, volleyball court, grill.

Park Hop Adventure #3

Shoeless Joe Jackson Memorial Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelter, baseball fields.

Freetown Community Center Amenities
Playground, restrooms, athletic fields.

Park Hop Adventure #4

Sunset Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, baseball and softball fields, basketball court, walking trail.

Springfield Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, baseball and softball fields, basketball court.

Park Hop Adventure #5

Herdklotz Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, walking path, athletic fields.

McPherson Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, miniature golf, tennis courts.

Park Hop Adventure #6

Conestee Nature Park Amenities
Playground, green space, picnic shelters, restrooms, nature trails, baseball fields.


How can I sign-up to participate in Park Hop?

There are two ways to participate in Park Hop: the mobile application or a printable paper passport. The directions for both the mobile app and printable passport are found under ‘Scavenger Hunt’ tab above.

How do I submit my clues?
If you use the mobile application, your clues will automatically be submitted. If you use the printable passport, you will need to fill out an online form with your answers at the end of Park Hop or mail your passport to our office at P.O. Box 2284, Greenville, SC 29602. The online form with your answers or passports must be submitted by July 31st at midnight. Detailed instructions can be found under ‘Scavenger Hunt>>Paper Passport’ above.

When is Park Hop?
Park Hop 2018 begins on May 19th. The clues will appear on the mobile app and you can download the printable passport. You can visit the parks and answer the clues until July 31st at midnight. Surveys and passports must be completed by July 31st at midnight. The closing Park Hop Celebration is August 9th at Legacy Park.

What is the Park Hop Celebration?
We celebrate our Park Hoppers each summer with a Celebration, where we give away the earned prizes and draw for many other adventure-themed prizes. The celebration this year will be at Legacy Park on August 9th from 4-7pm.

What kind of prizes can I earn?
Every child who visits at least 5 parks will receive a LiveWell drawstring backpack.
Every child who visits at least 10 parks will receive a Park Hop t-shirt.
Every child who visits 15 parks will receive a voucher to a Greenville Drive game.
Every Park Hopper visiting 15 or more parks will get their name submitted for the grand prize drawing! In past years, prizes have included a camping weekend at Paris Mountain, camping gear, passes to events at Roper Mountain Science Center, bicycles, and more.

How do I get my prizes?
Earned prizes are given away at the Park Hop Celebration on August 9th at Legacy Park. If you cannot be present for the Celebration but earned prizes based on visiting 5, 10, or 15 parks, we will set up two prize pick-up days at a local community center in August. This information will be posted on our website after the Celebration. Park Hoppers who visited 15 or more parks must be present at the closing event to win a grand prize drawing.

Who is eligible to win prizes?
Children under the age of 18 are eligible to win prizes.

I need a little more help. Who can I contact?
Please e-mail us at and give us up to 48 hours to respond to your questions. We hope you enjoy your Park Hop adventure!