Out of School Time Toolkit

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What is the LiveWell Healthy Out of School Time Toolkit?

LiveWell Greenville’s Healthy Out of School Time Toolkit is designed to assist before and after school providers with key resources to identify strategies to create a healthier environment for children and staff. The toolkit provides knowledge, resources, and strategies to increase physical activity opportunities, improve nutrition of snacks and meals, and reduce exposure to tobacco smoke. Get started now and help the children and staff of your Out of School Time Program LiveWell!

What is Out School Time?

Out of school time encompasses any of the time that children spend out of school. This includes before school care, after school care, summer camps, and even the home environment. With the  Out of School Time environment LiveWell Greenville aims to provide children access to health and wellness opportunities in every setting and environment they come in contact with outside of school.

How to Use the Out of School Time Toolkit

This free 5-step guide, based on best practices in the field of child care, offers ideas and key resources for providers to use. To view or download the toolkit, follow this link: Out of School Time Toolkit.

In addition to the toolkit, two additional resources are available for providers:

Also check out the LiveWell Greenville Healthy Out of School Time Designation that recognizes Out of School Time Programs who are making healthy changes: Healthy Out of School Time Designation

For questions about the toolkit contact one of our Out of School Time Specialists:

Brady Godfrey at bgodrey@livewellgreenville.org