New Partnership with Aramark at Bob Jones University

napkin-inserts-w-saladIn the Spring 2017 semester, students and visitors at Bob Jones University’s Dining Common have some new reading materials at the table. LiveWell Greenville partnered with Aramark, BJU’s food service provider, to create messaging to promote healthy food choices in the Dining Common. The message is displayed in napkin dispensers in the dining room on more than 100 tables.

The messaging brings attention to the Healthy for Life program, Aramark’s healthy food labeling system. Through this system, students see colorful, leaf-shaped labels throughout the Dining Common. The leaves identify options that are low in calories, fat, and sodium, and items that have healthy preparation methods (i.e. baked, steamed). They also identify items that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, allowing students to make informed decisions that meet their personal health goals. To learn more about the Healthy for Life Program, click here.napkin17

The napkin inserts also advertise LiveWell Greenville’s LiveWell on the Menu program. LiveWell on the Menu is an initiative to identify, label, and promote the healthiest options available in Greenville restaurants, stores, and vendors. The QR code on the napkin insert brings users to a full list of participating LiveWell on the Menu restaurants, stores, vendors, and products. To see the list of participating sites and read more about LiveWell on the Menu, click here.

This partnership between LiveWell Greenville and Aramark promotes healthy food choices for students and educates them on how and where to make healthy choices, both in the Dining Common within the Greenville community.

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