Mill Village Farms and LiveWell Greenville

Mill Village

Active members of LWG’s At Mealtime workgroup, our partners at Mill Village farms have continued to expand their mobile market offerings in recent months. They bring fresh produce to communities inside and outside of food deserts – places like office parks, churches and highly visible roadside parking lots.

Six new locations were added thanks to federal grant funds, including the Village of West Greenville, Homestead at Hartness, Greenville Hospital System Memorial Campus and Travelers Rest United Methodist Church.

This funding also allowed Mill Village to bring on a new market manager, Kelly Childress, this past summer. Kelly will oversee not only the Mobile Market, but also its expansion into a storefront in the Village of West Greenville.

Such access to groceries is much needed in an area where the nearest grocery options are two to four miles away. The shop is expected to open later this year, when the mobile market has come to a close.

Find the complete market schedule here.

Our thanks to Mill Village Farms for their great work here in Greenville!


This effort is supported in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partnerships to Improve Community Health grant.

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