Mental Health in the Workplace

Workplace stress causes about 1 million employees to miss work each day, and research indicates the amount of stress employees experience on the job adversely affects a company’s bottom line.

People with untreated mental health issues use more general health services than those who seek mental health care when they need it, and effective treatment has the potential to save both direct and indirect costs for employers and to improve the quality of life for all employees.

Two out of three workers with a diagnosed mental disorder do not receive or seek treatment due to stigma, fear or concerns about confidentiality. Therefore, is vitally important for employers to promote their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a safe place for employees to get help.

In August,¬†LiveWell Greenville’s Healthy Workplace Roundtable discussion focused on what we, as employers, can do to help our employees combat mental health issues and erase the stigma behind EAPs.

Thank you to our sponsor, Coca-Cola Bottling, and to Babaziki’s Mediterranean Grill for a healthy lunch!

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