LiveWell Near You

The LiveWell Near You map quickly helps you locate places throughout Greenville County to access healthy food and to engage in physical activity.  By using the LiveWell Near You map, you can easily locate public parks, recreation centers, school facilities, farmer’s markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop off points, pick your own produce farms, and other places that support healthy eating and active living. Find the map on the iOnGreenville app under LiveWell Greenville mini app or at various community centers around town.

Another great resource is the Greenville County iMap shown above. Browse through resources such as Educational Institutions, Food Systems and Health Centers. The iMap has everything you need when you’re looking to access healthy food and physical activity in Greenville County!

For those in search of local and fresh fruit and vegetables, look no further than the GIS Farmer’s Market Map. Here you can find all the various Farmer’s Markets within South Carolina. Now, even when you’re far away from home, you can still find the freshest and healthiest fruit and vegetables! Click here to learn more!