LiveWell Greenville Releases 2022 Annual Report

All support of our coalition has been invaluable in helping us to build bridges over the barriers that prevent optimal health for all in Greenville County. Our partnerships have helped us Amplify Community Power, Advocate for Health Equity, and Advance Community Collaboration. We are pleased to share our 2022 Annual Report highlighting the successes achieved collectively over the past year!

Last year, with over 200+ actively engaged partner organizations, LiveWell Greenville spearheaded 120 policies, systems, and environmental changes impacting 39,723+ Greenville County community members.

Together we continue to work to ensure that everyone living in Greenville County has every opportunity to access nutritious foods and physical activity opportunities to live long healthy lives.

But our work is far from over and our coalition depends on your continued support to move the work forward. Please make an impact in our community by donating today! Every donation makes a difference!

If you have any questions or would like additional information about how to become more involved with our coalition, please contact me at 864.365.6357. We truly appreciate your support.