LiveWell Greenville Hosts Executive Summit

img_4884LiveWell at Work hosted more than 65 Greenville business executives at its first Healthy Workplace Executive Summit on Friday, February 3rd, 2017. The intention of the Healthy Workplace Executive Summit was to instill the cultural shift of conscious leadership and effect of collective impact among Greenville business owners.

img_4861The summit began with an invocation from Sean Dogan, Pastor at Long Branch Baptist Church and long-time LiveWell Greenville Leadership Team member. Juliet Rodman, Chief Wellness Officer and co-founder of Wellness Corporate Solutions candidly discussed how she and her co-founder created the company and how it has grown and been successful over time. Wellness Corporate Solutions’ core values and workplace culture include unique perks which positively impact employee recruitment and retention. Benefits include sit-to-stand desks, treadmill desks, multiple 5-minute exercise sessions throughout the day, and a flexible dress code that encourages exercise clothes every day.

img_4867Next, Mike Riordan, CEO of the Strategic Coordinating Organization for Greenville Health System, took the floor. Mike encouraged business owners to align their company goals towards solutions and practices that promote healthier choices and behaviors for their employees, clients, and partners. He challenged attendees to reflect on their own presentation of health and wellness using the “Four Ways of Being in the World” theory, and the impact of this on their employees and how important it is to not only align strategic goals, but to walk the talk. He led attendees through the following questions at their tables:

  • What do you believe the impact of employee well-being is on the success of your organization?
  • What is your level of personal influence to promote worksite health?
  • What positive improvements can be made within your work environment?

img_4874Sally Wills, Executive Director of LiveWell Greenville closed the meeting with an overview of LiveWell’s work in the community, and showed a video to highlight key successes.  She then outlined how businesses’ improving employee health and well-being results in increased community engagement, increased adoption of healthier choices in everyday life, and a natural relay to healthier provisions for Greenville’s children. This explains how LiveWell at Work fits in to the bigger picture of LiveWell Greenville’s mission and vision. Sally left the group with a three-pronged call to action:

  • Assign a representative to be involved in LiveWell at Work events
  • Apply for the Working Well Award in 2017 (click here to get started)
  • Explore the many opportunities to align with LiveWell Greenville

The LiveWell Greenville Executive Summit provided an opportunity for high-level leadership to have a meaningful discussion and reflect on how and why they will prioritize the wellbeing of their employees. For more information about the LiveWell at Work workgroup, click here.

Become a Corporate Partner: click here.

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Wellness Corporate Solutions, for making this event possible.


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