LiveWell Greenville Healthy Workplace Conference 2015

The third annual Healthy Workplace Conference took place on Thursday, April 23rd. The conference included an awards cocktail reception as well as educational sessions to help businesses start or improve their workplace wellness programs.   The event was held at the Greenville TD Center from 1:00-6:00pm Participants had the opportunity to learn through breakout sessions and to connect with local vendors who provide health and wellness services. The event also celebrated local businesses who are making the healthy choice the easy choice for their employees.

Event features Included:

  • Educational break out session on key wellness topics
  • Cocktail reception
  • The presentation of the 2015 LiveWell Workplace Awards, Recognizing Greenville’s Healthiest Businesses
  • The 2015 LiveWell Workplace resource guide
  • Vendor area to connect with local providers of business wellness tools
  • A chance to connect and share your ideas with other business employees who want to improve employee wellness


Attendees participated in breakout learning sessions with the themes “The Stealthy Approach to a Healthy Culture,” and “Ruling a Healthy Culture.”





Healthy Workplace 2014 Award Winners

LiveWell Greenville would like to extend our congratulations to the 2014 LiveWell Greenville At Work Healthy Workplace Award Winners.  Thank you for all you do to support a healthier Greenville, and “Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice” for your employees.

These organizations are making great strides toward supporting the health and wellness of their employees.  A brief highlight of the wellness initiatives that qualified these organizations to win the award are listed below. Initiatives like these not only increase the health and wellness of individual employees, but create a healthier and more productive work force.  These innovative initiatives also have great potential to reduce costs associated with sick days, low production, and medical claims just to name a few.

Greenville Health System recognized as healthy workplaceGreenville Health System: Gold

  • LoseWell program has helped GHS employees collectively lose more than 4,500 pounds in just over two years
  • LoseWell has an over 95% retention rate for the 12-week program, and 53% lowered their a1C
  • QuitWell program saw a success rate of more than 50%

Michelin: Gold

  • Michelin recognized as healthy workplace91% of employees completed an online health risk assessment and a wellness exam to further understand their health risks.
  • 35% of the meals sold in the Choose Well Cafes were healthy food items
  • 40% of employees completed an annual physical with their personal physician
  • 27% of the Michelin population participated in at least one onsite health improvement program.

ScanSource: Gold

  • Offer multiple resources onsite such as one-on-one time with certified health coaches, onsite group fitness classes, personal trainers, onsite wellness clinic and onsite smoking cessation classes
  • Onsite healthy café and food choices and healthy vending machine choices
  • 12 people quit smoking after 2013 QuitWell program
  • 15 people no longer have high triglycerides
  • 12 more people have NO metabolic syndrome risk factors

Southern Weaving: Gold

  • Southern weaving recognized as healthy workplaceIn a recent Job Satisfaction Survey, 91% of participating employees indicated the company’s Wellness activities and initiatives have had a “positive impact” on their health and well-being
  • Brought the St. Francis Mobile Mammography onsite for the second year in a row, and 32% of Female employees over the age of 40 participated!
  • Company’s annual health screening results show the number of employees at “High Risk” for Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes has dropped by 45% since 2010
  • Their number of tobacco users has decreased by 41% since 2010

The Blood Connection recognized as a healthy workplaceThe Blood Connection: Silver

  • Recent launched ADP’s Vitality Wellness program, and 15 people reached the Gold Level as of April 1st with two of those moving on to Platinum this week!
  • Over the past year they have moved from from 40% well visits (preventative) to their goal of 60%, with just 40% being sick visits (episodic).
  • Estimated productivity savings of more than $18,000 in the first quarter of this year.

Bon Secours: Silver

  • St. Francis recognized as a healthy workplaceCouch Potato to 5K Program for all employees, and competed against Greenville County, GE, T&S Brass, and Blood Connection employees. Program included a series of presentations from our St. Francis expects, Exercise Specialist, Dietitian, Sports Physician
  • Led multiple company-wide walking programs
  • Offered Cholesterol and Biometric Screenings
  • Mandatory “Called to Serve” conference to help employees deal with life stress

Drive Automotive recognized as healthy workplaceDrive Automotive: Silver

  • 50% of female employees had  a  mammogram in the annual  Pearlie Harris Mobile Mammogram Coach at Drive
  • “Free Fruit Tuesdays!” Fresh fruit is offered for FREE  on Tuesdays to (avg. 1003 daily diners)
  • Onsite dining menu includes healthy choices, half servings and a full salad bar
  • Onsite Nurse Practitioner sees an avg. of 2.4 employees per hour, saving an estimated 1880 hours and $33,000 per quarter

Elliott Davis: Silver

  • Out of 19 high risk SBP and DBP that tested in both 2012 and 2013, 18 decreased and 17 were no longer in the hypertension category.
  • Number of employees tested with high triglycerides decreased by 37% from 2012 to 2013
  • Offer In-office fitness sessions with a YMCA trainer during “tax busy season.
  • Balance ball chairs offered for employees to use
  • More than 10 employees have lost 25 pounds or more and five of these employees lost more than 50 pounds.

GE: Silver

  • New on-site Health and Wellness Center
  • Tobacco free campus since 2010
  • More than over 350 employees participated in Cardio Metabolic Screening
  • Heavy participation in various Physical Activity opportunities: Cycling (150), Soccer (85), Triathlon (40), Tennis (130 GE EE, 60 family members), Basketball, Ping Pong, Badminton, On-site Fitness Center (1350 members)
  • Strongest Corporate Shield presence in Greenville, averaging  146 GE runners per race

Rosenfeld Einstein recognized as healthy workplaceRosenfeld-Einstein: Silver

  • More than 70% participation in “Hold the Holidays” challenge, with every participant not just holding, but losing 3 to 12 pounds.
  • Great individual successes with StepUp Carolina’s walking challenge with personal successes and goals of weight loss, increased physical activity. With over 40% participation.
  • Chair massages offered for stress relief.

YMCA: Silver

  • Provides health screenings for all full-time employees with follow-up appointments by a Nurse Practitioner.
  • All staff receive a free branch membership, with reduced rates on PATH memberships.
  • Discounted entry fees for all YMCA Race Series events for all all full-time and part-time employees

Hartness International: Bronze

  • Held Lunch ‘n’ Learns on topics including ‘Performance Nutrition’, ‘Surviving the Holidays’ and ‘Improving Strength/Flexibility & Balance’.
  • Hartness Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Healthier vending machine items marked with a “Healthtrack” logo
  • Hartness “Fall into Fitness” Walking Program offers employees a pedometer to log in weekly totals for 3 consecutive weeks