LiveWell Greenville and Benji Bars Make it Better

Picture2“Together, LiveWell Greenville and Benji Bars Make it Better.”

Those are the words of Julie Maddox, the creator of Benji Bars. And we agree.

Julie is a mom on a mission – she created Benji Bars to provide a healthy snack for her son with Type 1 diabetes. And she continues to work hard to share her product with others whom it can benefit. She even recently won Greenville’s local Shark Tank competition, winning a cash prize to continue developing her business.

Julie is excited to partner with LiveWell Greenville’s On the Menu initiative. She says, “We know firsthand how hard it is to find quality snacks on the go. Gaining the LiveWell Greenville approval and having that reflected in our packaging helps to set up apart from other options that do not meet their criteria for a healthy choice. Our product tastes great but our nutritional analysis takes Benji Bars to a new level of quality. Benji Bars Make It Better is beyond honored to be LiveWell Approved!”

Learn more about Benji Bars and where you can find them by visiting their website.

To learn more about LiveWell on the Menu, click here.

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