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Make the healthy choice the easy choice at work!

LiveWell At Work (LWAW) connects employers with resources to create and sustain a culture of health in their workplace. LWAW partners with South Carolina Hospital Association’s  Working Well initiative, and guides  organizations to complete the following 5-step process on an annual basis:

Organizations who join LWAW, gain access to Working Well’s Strategy for Wellbeing web-platform an organizational assessment tool and resource addressing nine dimensions of worksite wellbeing.

  1.  Wellness Culture
  2.  Risk Assessment & Outreach
  3.  Nutrition & Food Environment
  4.  Physical Activity
  5.  Tobacco Free
  6.  Emotional & Mental Wellbeing
  7.  Financial Wellbeing
  8.  Incentives & Communication
  9.  Evaluation

After taking the organizational assessment, LWAW worksites will receive a scorecard with bench-marking and improvement opportunities for each dimension of Wellbeing.

Organizations participating in LWAW, who take the assessment, set goals, and make positive changes to create and maintain a healthy workplace, are eligible to be recognized at The Wellies: LiveWell Greenville’s Annual Recognition Celebration as a LiveWell At Work Healthy Workplace! Organizations that receive the highest level of achievement, platinum standards, have the opportunity for statewide recognition through Working Well via press releases, articles and events.

With a rolling deadline, your organization may join LWAW at any time!


LWAW’s base Corporate membership  (a $600/yr value) is only $150/yr!

This includes: A free ticket, with lunch, to all LWAW Quarterly Healthy Workplace Forums and access to:

  • Working Well’s evidence-based Strategy for Wellbeing web-platform: an organizational assessment with immediate results and tailored recommendations, resource toolbox, and E-Newsletter with best practice information
  • Statewide trainings and events
  • LWAW workgroup, a group of local professionals who are committed to helping you and your team through this process
  • Customizable LWAW Employee Needs & Interest Survey

      and Eligibility for recognition:

  • Locally as a LiveWell At Work Healthy Workplace at The Wellies  & on our website
  • Statewide via Working Well when you reach platinum in any of the dimensions

Multiple worksites? Addition locations are only $100.00/yr more


Looking for something more?

In addition to all of the benefits included in our base Corporate membership,  organizations can choose to support LiveWell At Work further by increasing their membership to a sponsorship! See the chart below for the different levels of sponsorship opportunities available and their and benefits.

To learn more, please contact Sabrina Smith at

LWAW Enrollment Form

On this form, you will be asked what level of Membership/ Sponsorship you are interested in. For information about the benefits of each level, click here.