Job Opportunities

How does LiveWell Greenville operate?

LiveWell Greenville is a coalition operating under its own independent non-profit status.  A coalition is an alliance between people, businesses, or groups for a specific reason and to pursue a common goal.  By functioning as a coalition, LiveWell Greenville encourages community action through members of eight workgroups who collaborate in an effort to make a sustainable, collective impact on the health of Greenville County residents.  The LiveWell Greenville team is made up of a mix of employees and independent contractors who are responsible for encouraging and guiding the members of each workgroup to take charge of the action steps in the group’s Community Action Plan (CAP).

Is LiveWell Greenville currently hiring?

We are constantly growing and changing.  Therefore, our management team is always looking for the right individuals or businesses to join our team. We are currently hiring a Partnership Coordinator.  Learn more here.