Health is more than access to healthcare.  A Healthy community has the links among education, housing, transportation, and workforce development.  Over 200 public, private partnership representing all sectors of our community are working collectively to build a community culture that supports policies, systems and environments designed to give all residents opportunities to live healthy and productive lives.  Regardless of zip code.

A robust understanding of the links between education, housing, transportation, and health anchors efforts in Greenville County, South Carolina. OnTrack Greenville, a school-based early warning data system, is helping keep students on track to graduate high school. When a study found a housing shortage among households making less than $20,000 a year, local leaders created the Greenville Housing Fund to expand affordable housing options and purchased land in gentrifying communities. In Greenville, residents take center stage, as illustrated by their successful advocacy to expand transit hours and routes. Whether it’s removing employment barriers for formerly incarcerated people, rallying behind DREAMers, or supporting the Swamp Rabbit Trail’s expansion into low-income neighborhoods, Greenville County is working to ensure progress is shared by all and that everyone throughout the community contributes to and benefits from progress.