Docs Adopt Program in Schools

LiveWell Greenville is excited to pilot a new program, Docs Adopt.  This program originally began in the Charleston County School district in partnership with the Charleston Medical Socieity in order to support school wellness effort.

This opportunity gives schools to have a local physician serve as a member of the school’s wellness team.   The program has experienced tremendous growth in the past couple of years.  Physicians are provided with annual training about school policies, the latest information in childhood obesity, nutrional/physical activity program and standards, and local and national childhood obesity statistics. With the success of the initial program Docs Adopt is excited to expand opportunities throughout the state including Greenville County.

LiveWell Greenville will work with your school to place a physician on your wellness team.  The physician will serve as a community health resource for your school’s team.  The doc’ that adopts your school would support any wellness efforts and assist with policy and environmental changes that improve nutrition or increase physical activity.  Success stories from Charleston include physicians: writing wellness tips to be read on the morning news or to be included in a newsletter, participating in Walk to School days, speaking to students regarding the importance of keeping hydrated or to staff on stress relief, assisting with an organic garden, or simply playing catch with students afterschool.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to have a clinician be a part of your school wellness team.  For more information contact