Do Incentives Motivate Us?

Join LiveWell at Work as we investigate: What Works Best: the Carrot or the Stick?

Employers often use incentives to motivate employees to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but do these programs elicit stigmatizing messages to their entire company?

Understand the good and bad of incentivizing, and learn about different options you can adopt today!

The affordable care act’s 2018 Cadillac Tax is looming down on employers, many of whom are taking drastic measures to control healthcare costs. Incentive programs have become popular to encourage positive behaviors at work and at home. What employers probably weren’t counting on is the implicit message conveyed about the company’s attitude towards the population based on such programs.

Psychological Science‘s “Incentivizing Wellness in the Workplace” by David Tannenbaum revealed that the monetary amount has little to no impact on the employee’s perception of the incentive program – only whether it is a penalty or benefit. This poses the question: how do policies influence behavior in unexpected ways through the social messages they communicate?

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Our speakers and panelists for the roundtable discussion are Samantha Reid, Wellness Services Supervisor at Greenville Health System, and Dr. Bob Sinclair, professor of Industrial Organizational Psychology Professor at Clemson University.

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