LiveWell Greenville supports collaboration of multiple sectors, partners and organizations to share expertise, perspectives and resources that promote healthy eating and active living.

Facilitation Workgroups

Collaboration within LWG takes place through the various workgroups that focus on specific sectors of the community environment: At Mealtime, At Play, At School, Out of School, At Work, At Worship, At the Doctor and Around Town.  Members of each workgroup include a LiveWell Team Specialist, an Evaluation Specialist and several community volunteers who are committed to fulfilling the goals of each group’s Community Action Plan.

At Mealtime Community Action Plan
At Play Community Action Plan
At School Community Action Plan
Out of School Community Action Plan
At Worship Community Action Plan
Early Childhood Community Action Plan

Best Practice Guidelines

LWG partner organizations work together to implement guidelines that support access to healthy foods and physical activity.  These guidelines are shared through the various resources available and through the technical support provided by each LiveWell Specialist.

Healthy Menu Options

LWG offers a LiveWell on the Menu program, and supports community gardens and mobile markets by collaborating with local restaurants, vendors and produce companies.

Physical Activity Initiatives

LWG provides an opportunity for the various park agencies to work together in an effort to increase access to physical activity throughout Greenville County.

Health & Wellness Events

LWG offers resources for community health and wellness events and encourages community partners to participate as vendors and participants at LiveWell Greenville events.

Leveraging Financial Support

LWG has a fund development team which actively pursues grants, sponsorships and community investors to support the program efforts of its coalition partners.  More than 50% of funding received by LWG is contributed to partner organizations.