Bike Walk Greenville Makes Active Transportation More Accesible

Bike Walk Greenville is a local organization that is bringing a voice to Greenville County residents who have sidewalk and bike lane concerns.  Many Grenville County residents have embraced the concept of active transportation but are limited by a lack of safe sidewalks and bicycle lanes in their area.

With the increase in urban development, Greenville County pedestrians and cyclists are at increased risk, with over 60 pedestrians being killed since 2008.  Not only will safe active transportation methods decrease risk of injury to Greenville County residents, but they will provide a safe avenue to engage in physical activity that benefits the environment through pollutant emission reduction as well.

Bike Walk Greenville is partnering with county planners to solve this problem by developing the first pedestrian and bicycle master plan for Greenville County. The Bike Walk Greenville website,, features an interactive mapping tool for Greenville County residents to use in order to identify areas of concern and make sure their voice is heard in the development of the pedestrian and bicycle master plan.