A Day of Play at Fluor Field

livewell and play coalitionPark Hop 2016 has come to a close! On Sunday, August 28th, we celebrated Park Hop at Fluor Field with the Greenville Drive and the US Play Coalition. Before the game, students with Clemson University’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism worked with the City of Greenville’s Mobi-Rec truck to set up all types of games on the baseball field. Kids and families could explore the outfield and play whiffle ball, compete in sack races, run through an obstacle course, and throw baseballs and footballs. We enjoyed seeing all the happy faces having an afternoon of play at the ball field.

running to homeWhat an adventurous summer! Over 350 families explored up to 19 park locations, looking for clues about features in the park. They explored, got active, and most importantly, had fun. This would not be possible without the hard work of the parks and recreation agencies all across Greenville County, who develop and maintain facilities and provide countless programs so we can enjoy the outdoors. Parks and recreation play a major role in community health, and we appreciate their dedication to creating an even better recreation environment for Greenville County. Thank you – to all the parks and recreation partners, sponsors, and other supporters that contribute to Park Hop and continually work to make the healthy choice the easy choice in Greenville, SC.

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