2017 LiveWell at Work Awards

Since 2013, LiveWell at Work has been recognizing local businesses for excellence in creating a culture that is health promoting in the workplace.  Thae application and subsequent feedback have helped local organizations take their wellness efforts to higher levels. Starting in 2017, LiveWell Greenville has proudly partnered with South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) Working Well division to encourage businesses to join and apply for the Working Well Workplace Award.

SCHA’s Working Well is a comprehensive strategy to establish cultures of health and improved productivity in worksites across South Carolina by addressing the wellness needs of employees. Through the Working Well initiative, you will learn best-practices to increase employee productivity by addressing their health and wellness needs for little to no cost. Your business also has the opportunity to receive award recognition through a customizable and affordable online assessment tool. The Strategy for Wellbeing Web Platform addresses the Nine Dimensions of Worksite Wellbeing:

1.Wellness Culture

2.Nutrition and Food Environment

3.Access to Physical Activity

4.Tobacco Cessation

5.Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

6.Financial Wellbeing

7.Risk Assessment & Outreach

8.Incentives & Communication


After taking the assessment, your business will receive a numerical score and rating for each dimension to determine award eligibility.  In addition, your business will receive a benchmark level and a customized improvement plan. Check out Working Well Platinum Award Standards.

As a Working Well Award recipient, your business will receive a LiveWell Greenville Healthy Workplace Award in recognition of your initiatives to create and maintain a healthy workplace. Organizations that receive the highest level of achievement have the opportunity for statewide recognition through press releases, articles and events. With a rolling deadline, you may participate in the awards process at any time.

Corporate Membership Enrollment

On this form, you will be asked what level of Membership that is of best interest to your organization. For information about the benefits of each level, click here.

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