2016 LiveWell At Work Awards Now Open

Does your company have what it takes to be designated a LiveWell Workplace? The LiveWell Workplace Award is designed to recognize local businesses making strides to actively improve the lives of their employees.  Past award winners have achieved success by implementing comprehensive wellness strategies that include upper management support, a committee that monitors effectiveness, screenings that identify areas for improvement and a variety of  initiatives that promote health and well-being.

Greenville Health System recognized as healthy workplace

This LiveWell Workplace Award Application will give experienced sites a way to demonstrate their success and receive recognition, and it also will give those who are just getting started a way to think about workplace health and identify goals for the year.  Each applicant receives meaningful feedback to assist their company towards continual improvement.  The LiveWell Workplace Award Winners will be recognized at the fourth annual LiveWell at Work Conference in April 2016.


Drafted, with permission from existing resources, the LiveWell Workplace Awards were developed to assess the culture of health that permeates throughout a workplace. The goals are realistic and attainable for large and small companies.  The Award aligns with the LiveWell At Work Toolkit, which can serve as a great resource for building a comprehensive wellness initiative.

The LWAW awards are designed to recognize comprehensive workplace wellness programs.  This means that each awardee’s wellness efforts:

  • Have been in place for more than two years
  • Have upper management support
  • Have a dedicated budget to support employee wellness efforts
  • Utilize data and employee input to guide a representative and active wellness committee
  • Have a focus on policy and environmental changes, along with programming, to meet employees needs and interest
  • Focus throughout the year on a variety of employee health topics including: nutrition, physical activity, tobacco, safety, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, financial health, and emergency management.

To access the application, click here.

2016 LiveWell Award Application Basics:

Applications are due by March 15, 2016

Workplaces must apply and answer questions appropriate for their location with employees in Greenville County, South Carolina.

There are 85 questions to the application.

You will be able to save along the way and return to the application at a later date. However,t he software requires saving at the end a page.

There are a few worksite wellness criteria that must be met in order to continue through the award application, and these are:

  • A functioning worksite wellness program in place for a minimum of 18 months
  • Senior Management commitment to worksite wellness (Required to attach a letter from management)
  • Functioning worksite wellness committee that meets at least twice per year
  • Did committee meet at least twice
  • Must have a guiding document, mission statement, or action plan
  • A dedicated worksite wellness budget for program administration and/or incentives
  • Show at least 10% employee participation on average in your worksite wellness initiatives
  • The workplace must have a tobacco policy that limits the use of tobacco at the worksite in place.

Along with completing the online application it is recommended to attach any of the following if available:

  • Letter of Commitment from Senior Management or CEO.  This may be a memo, email, or cover letter to a wellness program roll-out.  It can also be a letter you create that outlines your organization’s
  • Action/Operating Plan
  • Physical Activity Policies (if applicable)
  • Health Eating Policies (if applicable)
  • Mental Health/Stress Education Awareness Policies (if applicable)
  • Assessment Tool or Action Plan  (necessary if you did not use LiveWell’s Toolkit)


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