LiveWell Greenville Announces Food Policy Scan Website

In 2014 LiveWell Greenville’s At Mealtime (Access to Healthy Foods) Workgroup performed a comprehensive food policy scan in the Greenville community and subsequently launched a website housing all relevant findings. The ultimate objective of this policy scan was to assist and encourage local governing bodies as they consider making and adopting policies that increase access, production, and distribution of healthy affordable foods.… Read more

Smart Snacks in Schools

USDA Smart Snacks in Schools Guidelines As part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which set a deadline for the USDA to revamp its school snack standards (which hadn’t been revised for 30 years!), the Smart Snacks in School rules affect “competitive foods,” which are snacks sold in vending machines, a la carte lunch lines, fundraisers and in student stores.… Read more