Personal Health

LiveWell Greenville is both a call to action to make a personal commitment to healthy living and to get involved in making our community a place where we can all live well.  A commitment to living well can start with simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking water instead of sugar sweetened beverages and passing up the bag of chips for an apple or banana.  Thirty minutes of daily exercise can take the form of walking or biking to lunch or for short errands, exploring along the growing network of trails in Greenville County or tending to a backyard or community garden.  Getting kids involved in games of tag football, kickball or throwing frisbee make being active more fun for the whole family.

LiveWell Greenville offers information that will help you maintain a personal commitment to living well.  Click below for healthy recipes, health tips and upcoming events that will help you stay active.  The following websites are great resources for information on healthy eating, active living and for tracking your journey to better health: